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The definitive guide to collecting original movie posters - with current values - is used by collectors worldwide. First published in 1985, the guide has become the #1 reference book for movie poster collectors.


Welcome to the home page for Warren's Movie Poster Price Guide. My name is Jon Warren, and I will be maintaining this page as a resource for collectors wishing to learn more about collecting original movie posters and similar memorabilia.
The 1997 edition is sold out. We are working on a website version for subscribers and a CD-Rom version. If you would be interested in either, please let us know.

The third edition was released in 1994. We still have some of these in stock. Although the prices are out of date, the articles and other information are useful.

The second edition was published in 1992. A few copies are still in stock.

Published in 1985, the first edition was the first comprehensive guide to movie poster values. An earlier book was released by another author, but it didn't attempt to be comprehensive. We still have some of these in stock, for anyone who wants to own a complete set.


Will collecting movie posters ever become mainstream?

One of the problems facing the movie poster hobby is a lack of universally-accepted terminology about such things as rating condition of posters. We have a hobby that appeals to potentially millions of movie fans, i.e. the ability to own a momento from your favorite film. However, many would-be collectors are hesitant to jump in due to a lack of general information and consensus on such things as hobby terminology and standard grading terms.

I propose that we adopt a ten-point rating scale similar to that used in coins, sports cards, and comic books. For a preliminary article and grade definitions, please CLICK HERE. Please give me feedback by emailing me at THANKS!


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